New SU800 Single-Use pH Sensors for Bioprocess Applications

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Upstream and Downstream Applications

Model SU800 Single-Use pH Sensor for Use with BPCs

The SU800 is a new, single-use pH sensor designed for preinstallation into any bioprocessing container (BPC) with a standard 1-inch hose barb port. The sensor is a small, single-use insertion/retraction assembly designed with a built-in buffer storage chamber with electrolyte for long-term storage or to perform a 1-point standardization. The sensor can be inserted and retracted multiple time without the loss of storage electrolyte into the media. The sensor can be used for upstream and downstream bioprocess applications, including media mixing, buffer prep, and large-scall cell culture.

Features and Benefits of the SU800 Series:

SU800 Single-Use pH Sensor
  • 30-month shelf life after preinstallation and gamma sterilization
  • Rugged, always ready to use, no rehydration time required
  • No leakage into the BPC media when in inserted or retracted position
  • Operator can perform 1-point standardization in retracted position
  • Eliminates risk of contamination via insertion of autoclaved sensor