In 1991 Broadley-James introduced the DynaProbe® line of industrial pH sensors, featuring a patented reference electrode system that withstands high temperatures and pressures. The DynaProbe® has become a commercial success in process applications as diverse as paper and pulp production and beer brewing. In 1998 Broadley-James designed and introduced the ProcessProbe® line of pH, redox and dissolved oxygen sensors, specifically for the wastewater measurement industry.

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multiiparameter transmitter


The MXD70 series with its compact, modular design, allows users to measure and control any combination of 3 inputs from a range of sensors.

High pressure pH sensor


Designed for high temperature and high pressure applications, the DynaProbe operating range is up to 135°C and 15 Bar Pressure.

Industrial pH sensor


These probes are designed for moderate to high temperatures and pressures and are for rugged submersion and in-line use.

pH sensor PG13.5

12 mm ProcessProbes

These sensors with 12 X 120mm bodies are replacements for submersion and inline assemblies with standard PG 13.5 threaded caps.

pH cable

pH Sensor & Instrument Accessories

All of Broadley James industrial pH cables feature special low-noise coaxial
cable and S8 connectors with stainless steel shells to provide a durable
industrial standard connection between the sensor and transmitter. Whilst
the sensor storage solution ensures pH electrodes are kept in optimum
condition, ready to use when required.

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Irrigation pH sensor


Supplying agriculture and hydroponics industry leaders for over 20 years, Broadley-James® pH electrodes are now available to you direct.

Beer pH sensor

Food & Beverage

Broadley-James offers a range of industrial sensors and housings designed for stringent demands of the food & beverage industries.

Waste water pH sensor

Waste Water

The ProcessProbe® pH and Dissolved Oxygen sensors have been designed for use in any process stream or wastewater application.

pH sensor pulp paper

Pulp & Paper

Our sensors have been used for more than 20 years under conditions involving strong caustics, high temperatures, and harsh environments.

pH sensor mining


The ST977, ST864, and ST951 are rugged, sealed sensors designed for in-line applications.



Broadley-James sensors have been used for more than two decades in the petro-chemical industry.

pH redox swimming pool

Pool & Spa

The pH and Redox electrodes have been designed for use in any swimming pool or spa application.