In 1986 Broadley-James introduced the first steam-sterilizable, gel-filled and sealed pH sensor. The pH FermProbe® met wide acceptance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for use in fermentation processes. In 1993 Broadley-James introduced the OxyProbe® dissolved oxygen sensor, providing a complete solution for measurement and control in both cell culture and fermentation processes. Providing Industrial Tools for Industrial Science, Broadley-James continues to advance the state of the art in measurement, automation and control. We also distribute a range of innovative products from our partners, for both Upstream and Downstream bioprocessing.

Single Use Category

Single-Use Sensors

The Broadley-James SingleSense™ single-use product line is designed to streamline pH, DO, and CO₂ measurement in bioprocessing. Specifically designed for preinstallation in a bioprocess container (BPC) with subsequent gamma sterilization, the new and innovative SingleSense™ products are characterized by high quality and practicality to meet the requirements of the single-use market.

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autoclavable sterilisable sensors


Broadley-James offers the widest range of autoclavable and steam sterilisable pH, redox and polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors available on the market today. Specifically designed for bioprocess applications, our sensors are characterized by high quality, stability and long life. With over 30 years of sensor design experience Broadley-James offers a complete solution for pH, redox and dissolved oxygen measurement.

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multiiparameter transmitter


The innovative MXD70 series of process instruments brings a new dimension to analytical process measurements with a modular design to meet ever changing process requirements. The versatile, range of compact instruments can be used to measure and control any combination of 3 inputs from pH, redox, dissolved oxygen or conductivity sensors, with their associated temperature sensors. Analogue and digital outputs with live on-screen trending and data logging ensure this range of transmitters can be integrated into any control system.

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pH dissolved oxygen cable


Stock detachable cable assemblies feature the most commonly requested cable lengths and connector schemes for all Broadley-James pH & redox electrodes and OxyProbe® dissolved oxygen sensors. Cables are tagged with replacement part numbers to enhance field serviceability and are 100% tested for continuity, polarity, and the absence of short circuits. Moulded strain relief and stainless steel threaded retainers ensure long cable life.

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pH dissolved oxygen accessories


The primary components of a measurement loop are the sensors and transmitters. However, when readings are suspect or if noise and interference are a problem, it can be hard to find the source of the problem without having the proper equipment. Many of the BioProcess accessories are designed with troubleshooting in mind, allowing the metrology department or even the operator to diagnose equipment quickly and efficiently.

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autoclavable bioreactor fermenter


The BioNet® Bioreactor is the latest in autoclavable benchtop glass vessels. Available in a range of sizes: 3, 5, 7, 15 and 20 litres total volume. All metal components are manufactured from 316L stainless steel with electropolish. Integral scaling, improved component designs and extensive product inventory makes this the most user-friendly bioreactor available.

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pH dissolved oxygen housings


The electrode housing is designed to hold and protect the pH electrode when inserting it into the bioprocess vessel. There are various types of side-entry ports and housing groups to fit each port type. We offer a wide range of housings for all types of fittings that are each made of 316L electropolished stainless steel.

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