Flownamics Bioreactor SegFlow Sampler YSI Analyser

Rapid Bioprocess Culture Characterisation using Flownamics SegFlow

An application note released by Flownamics Inc describes an installed system designed to enable real time monitoring of microbial samples has been published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. The article describes how using a systems connectivity approach can prove invaluable for achieving a more comprehensive PAT platform. This is developed by…

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Measuring Pressure at Very Low Levels in Single-Use Systems using PendoTECH Sensors

PendoTECH have published a paper in BioProcess International Supplement Series on the measurement of very low pressure in single-use systems with high accuracy using PendoTECH sensors and instruments.  The paper describes in detail how their single-use pressure sensors and instrumentation can measure pressure with sufficient accuracy to optimise process performance…

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