New and Improved Storage Boot

We are pleased to announce a new and novel method for keeping traditional 12 mm pH electrodes hydrated during shipment and storage. Previously, we used a soaker bottle filled with KCl solution assembled from many parts: a bottle, o-ring, cap, and label. Now we will transition to shipping with a…

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Achema 2018

Sneak Preview Broadley-James at Achema 2018

So here is a sneak preview of some of the new products to see at Achema Frankfurt 11 – 15th June 2018. OptaProbe™ Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor featuring DeflectorCap™ with 45° angled sensing surface deflects sparge bubbles in any insertion orientation and SpargeSafe™ firmware which eliminates bubble errors: The OptaProbe™…

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Seg-Flow Interface

Flownamics Auto Sampler now with Nova BioProfile FLEX 2 Interface

Automated On-Line Sampling Solutions from Flownamics now with the Nova BioProfile FLEX 2 Interface.  With over 17 different analytical /collector interfaces available, the Seg-Flow integrates with more instruments and analysers than any other auto-sampler on the market. Instrument Integrations Agilent Infinity 1200 Series HPLC Cedex Bio HT Cedex HiRes Cell…

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Single-use ultrasonic flowmeter

New Single-Use Ultrasonic Flowmeter

PendoTECH, USA have recently added a range of four LEVIFLOW® single-use ultrasonic flowmeters to their sensor product line.  The flowmeter uses ultrasonic transit time, flow techniques to provide an obstruction free flow path, with no moving parts. The flowmeters find many different applications in the biopharm industry, including TFF filtrate flow, Normal…

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Hybrid Smart Sensor

Update Bioreactor Systems – New Hybrid Smart pH Sensor

Compatible with all makes and models of bioreactor control systems, the new Broadley-James Hybrid Smart pH Sensor lets you leverage your existing equipment. Gain the benefits of sensors that can store their own metadata including usage, sterilization cycles, and complete calibration history without purchasing new control equipment! The Hybrid Smart…

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Solid Polymer Reference

New pH Sensors with Solid Polymer Reference

A new range of pH sensors for harsh industrial applications has been launched by Broadley-James Corporation. Featuring the Permalyte® Solid Polymer Reference the sensors have an open junction that eliminates clogging. Ideal for difficult industrial measurements with high solids content or oxidising agents.  The solid polymer reference solves the most…

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BIOne single use benchtop bioreactor

BIOne Single Use Benchtop Bioreactor System

CONVERT YOUR EXISTING BENCHTOP GLASS BIOREACTOR TO A SINGLE USE BIOREACTOR IN SECONDS! Distek Inc. has developed a benchtop scale single-use bioreactor (SUB) system for mammalian cell growth and recombinant protein production. The pre-sterilized BIOne system is engineered with a disposable headplate welded to a triple-layered liner that can be…

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Automate a process development lab

5 Reasons to automate a Process Development Lab

5 Reasons why you should automate a Process Development Lab Higher throughput Increased success rate Reduced resource requirement Improved technical transfer and scale-up readiness Significant Return on Investment We can show how a networked PD and/or MSAT lab bioreactor automation system can dramatically improve lab productivity, increase experimental run success…

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Sensors & Automation

Sensors & Automation to Simplify Bioprocess Operations

Utilising sensors & automation to simplify bioprocess operations means that more work can be done in less time. By automating the routine tasks carried out in the lab, valuable time can be devoted to more important tasks. Here are two practical examples of automating routine tasks in upstream and downstream…

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Biostream logo

New Range of Biostream Bench Top Controllers

Broadley-James Ltd is pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of the complete range of Biostream bench top controllers, fermenters and biorector systems to the UK and Irish markets. Biostream International BV, is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactors and fermenters for food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture. As a specialist…

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