Update Bioreactor Systems – New Hybrid Smart pH Sensor

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Compatible with all makes and models of bioreactor control systems, the new Broadley-James Hybrid Smart pH Sensor lets you leverage your existing equipment. Gain the benefits of sensors that can store their own metadata including usage, sterilization cycles, and complete calibration history without purchasing new control equipment!

The Hybrid Smart pH Sensor provides a standardised analogue mV output in the same format as a conventional pH sensor, enabling connection to any standard pH controller.  Built into the sensor is also a chip which contains all of the sensor metadata such Autoclave Count, Date of first use, Time in use, Calibration data, Serial number, Product code and User data.  Access to this data is via the Broadley-James Cal Sync Module or the Quick View Reader.

By combining the analogue (mV) measurement signal with digital technology you get the following benefits:

  • Preserves analogue signal.
  • Less complexity, less risk.
  • Totally interchangeable with existing analogue sensors.
  • No requirement to change existing equipment or install any software.
  • Sensor carries calibration data.
  • Counts SIP/Autoclave and CIP cycles.
  • SmartSync™ enables all of the benefits of digital sensors.
  • QuickView™ reader shows stored calibration data and autoclave cycles, which can be used to determine the sensor condition.
  • Simple, low cost, low risk upgrade route to smart sensors.

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