Rapid Bioprocess Culture Characterisation using Flownamics SegFlow

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An application note released by Flownamics Inc describes an installed system designed to enable real time monitoring of microbial samples has been published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

The article describes how using a systems connectivity approach can prove invaluable for achieving a more comprehensive PAT platform. This is developed by harnessing metabolic parameters such as nutrient consumption rates and substrate data and integrating them into the larger bioprocess data scheme.

Using the process systems connectivity approach for achieving real-time metabolic profiling of E.coli fermentation cultures, the Flownamics SegFlow automated online sampling system permits seamless integration with any bioreactor vessel configuration and various third-party analyzers for enabling aseptic sampling, automated real-time analysis and data management options.

You can download the complete application note Rapid Bioprocess Culture Characterisation