New Range of Biostream Bench Top Controllers

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Broadley-James Ltd is pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of the complete range of Biostream bench top controllers, fermenters and biorector systems to the UK and Irish markets.

Biostream International BV, is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactors and fermenters for food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture. As a specialist in the design and manufacture of photo bioreactors, they have developed and produced equipment for different kinds of microalgae and phototrophic bacteria. In the biobased field they are producing equipment for pre-treatment hydrolysis in combination with fermentation. With the focus on service and R&D they have developed custom solutions which are not curently available elsewhere. New developments in fermentation for water technology is a developing market and they are exploring novel innovations in this field as well.

Biostream Benchtop Controller

The range of equipment scales from bench top with the BioBench, pilot plant with the BioTwin, through to fully customised process plant.  With equipment that is designed for the new Millenium it incorporates connectivity, along with intuitive software and the integration of instruction movies and protocols which are available via the touch screen.


A highly customised design allows the system to be supplied to your specification, with the options of multiple pumps, mass flow or rotameter gas control, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and antifoam control.

Together with our partners Broadley-James Ltd is bringing new ideas for bioprocessing equipment and instrumentation to the UK and Irish markets.

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