New and Improved Storage Boot

We are pleased to announce a new and novel method for keeping traditional 12 mm pH electrodes hydrated during shipment and storage. Previously, we used a soaker bottle filled with KCl solution assembled from many parts: a bottle, o-ring, cap, and label. Now we will transition to shipping with a custom-designed and molded storage boot instead of the soaker bottle.

Benefits of the storage boot:

  • Small volume of liquid

  • Small volume of polymer

  • One FDA compliant polymer

  • No leakage, dual gasket seal

  • Decreases shipping costs

  • No risk of damage if frozen

Why we are moving away from the soaker bottle:

  • Large volume of liquid

  • Large volume of waste

  • Three different polymers

  • Prone to leakage

  • Increases shipping weight

  • Can cause damage if frozen*

The improved design is not only good for the pH electrode, but also for our environment. Less waste, smaller profile, easy disposal, and uses less energy to produce and to ship. A win-win situation. For our customers who still prefer the traditional soaker bottle, they are available for purchaseĀ here.

Product Stewardship

Broadley-James Limited has a fundamental concern for all who make or use its products, and for the environment in which we live. This concern is the basis for our philosophy by which we assess the safety and environmental information on our products and then take appropriate and proactive steps to protect employees and our environment.

*Freeze damage or leakage or both can often occur during transit in unregulated cargo holds that do not control the pressure or temperature during transit.