Flownamics Auto Sampler now with Nova BioProfile FLEX 2 Interface

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Automated On-Line Sampling Solutions from Flownamics now with the Nova BioProfile FLEX 2 Interface.  With over 17 different analytical /collector interfaces available, the Seg-Flow integrates with more instruments and analysers than any other auto-sampler on the market.

Instrument Integrations

  • Agilent Infinity 1200 Series HPLC
  • Cedex Bio HT
  • Cedex HiRes Cell Analyzer
  • Mettler-Toledo Balances
  • Nova BioProfile FLEX 2, FLEX, Basic, 100, 300, & 400 analyzers
  • Vi-CELL XR Cell Analyzer
  • YSI 2700, 2900, 2950, & 7100 Biochemistry Analyzers
  • Fraction Collector

The Seg-Flow Automated On-line Sampling System provides multiple bioprocess monitoring and control solutions for improving process performance. The Seg-Flow system’s patented Segmented On-line Sampling™ technology allows rapid and accurate sampling for 8 vessels or process streams and sample delivery to 4 analyzers and/or fraction collectors. Several feed control options are available with the Seg-Flow system, which can control 2 pumps per vessel. Existing off-line and at-line analytics are seamlessly integrated into a multi-functional on-line PAT tool through the Seg-Flow system’s communication interface and FlowWeb™ control software. The FlowWeb software simultaneously acquires all integrated instrument data and can export the data to any OPC-enabled SCADA for enhanced process monitoring and control.

Sampling Solutions

  • Rapid and accurate sampling
  • Sample from 1-8 vessels/process streams
  • Deliver samples to 4 analyzers/fraction collectors
  • Withdraw cell-free or cell-containing samples
  • On-line monitoring of nutrients, metabolites & cell growth
  • Sample line is cleaned and/or sterilized after every sample

SCADA Integrations

  • Sartorius BioPAT MFCS
  • DASGIP DASware
  • Eppendorf BioCommand
  • Broadley-James
  • Emerson Delta V
  • Other devices and SCADA available upon request

Broadley-James Ltd is the UK and Ireland distributor for the Flownamics Inc product portfolio.

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