ESACT-UK 28th Annual Meeting 2018

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Welcome ​to ​ESACT-UK’s ​28th ​Annual ​Meeting ​at ​The ​Queen’s ​Hotel, ​Leeds, UK, ​10th ​- ​11th ​January ​2018.
Based in the United Kingdom, ESACT-UK is a Society which promotes the communication of knowledge and experience between scientists and engineers whose work has a direct or indirect bearing on cell culture biotechnology and the products derived from it. A particular emphasis is to ensure both the inclusion, and the active participation, of less experienced scientists in industry or academic institutions.

The programme is now available and can be downloaded here


Broadley-James Ltd will be attending the Trade Exhibition and will be showing some innovative new products including the Distek BIOne single use benchtop bioreactor system and the new OptaProbe optical dissolved oxygen sensor.