BioProNet 4th Annual Meeting

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BioProNET’s flagship annual science meeting will be held at the Slate Conference Centre, Warwick on October 10th-11th 2017.  Broadley-James Ltd is pleased to support this conference.

The comprehensive program includes:

  • Designing more efficient cell-expression systems
  • Building expression systems into optimised process
  • The clinic and beyond
  • Molecular characterization of process quality
  • Upstream meets downstream: rapid process development

BioProNET is a network that focuses on the use of cells and their components (that is, bioprocessing) to produce biologics, which we define as products that are composed of proteins (such as antibodies), peptides, RNA, DNA or vaccines.

Such biologics could be used as therapeutics, for example as biopharmaceuticals or as non-therapeutics, for example in diagnostics, industrial enzymes, for drug screening, and for crystallization and structural studies.