5 Reasons to automate a Process Development Lab

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5 Reasons why you should automate a Process Development Lab

  • Higher throughput
  • Increased success rate
  • Reduced resource requirement
  • Improved technical transfer and scale-up readiness
  • Significant Return on Investment

We can show how a networked PD and/or MSAT lab bioreactor automation system can dramatically improve lab productivity, increase experimental run success rate, reduce resource requirements, and significantly enhance data packages for technical transfer and scale-up readiness, and/or scale-down modelling.

Obtaining comprehensive data up front (in the PD lab), and prior to large scale Pilot Tech Transfer and Clinical/Commercial Manufacturing, can significantly shorten technical transfer time, reduce the number of large scale engineering runs and conformance campaigns. Applicable scale-down modelling from industrial platforms can be more readily achieved (in an MSAT setting).

Significant return on investment (ROI) can be realised immediately. Additionally, the PD lab can be aligned with regulatory agency (FDA, EMA) initiatives such as Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT).