Affordable Automated Bioreactor Sampling

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We are pleased to announce the latest product offering from Flownamics Inc. one of our Partners – The Seg-Flow 1200 Automated Bioreactor Sampling System.  This new Seg-Flow system is an economical alternative to the Seg-Flow 4800.  It is available in two models, the Seg-Flow 1200 and the Seg-Flow 1200 Plus, which offers many of the Seg-Flow 4800 features.  Segmented Flow allows rapid low volume cell containing and cell free samples to be taken from the vessel.  A disposable single-use flow path means the system is very simple to use with low maintenance.  Integrated control functions such as automated feed from an at-line glucose measurement are easily implemented.
  • Sampling from up to 2 reactors
  • Deliver sample to 2 analysers or collectors
  • Can be expanded to 4 with the Sample Module
  • Cell-Containing and/or Cell-Free sampling
  • Completely disposable fluid path from the sample port or probe on the reactor to the analyser or collector.
  • OPC connectivity option

The FISP filter probe ensures a sterile cell free sample is taken from any type of vessel.

  • Sterile, cell-free sampling for off-line and on-line analysis.Used for aerobic or anaerobic bacterial cultures, as well as yeast, fungi, algae, insect, animal and mammalian cell cultures.
  • Risk free sampling due to elimination of bypass filters, which circulates material back into vessel.
  • Accommodates small laboratory vessels up to large full-scale production vessels with 12, 19 and 25 mm models.
  • Easy to use and maintain; no operator training required.
  • Can be autoclaved or sterilised in-place.