WaterSep are developers of a group of anti-fouling, low binding modified polyethersulfone membranes, with high process flux and product yields.

They have a unique combination of membrane chemistry and cutting edge spinning technology which guarantees strong, robust hollow fibre membrane products created to extremely tight specifications.

WaterSep’s hollow fiber membranes allow you to have consistent process performance, producing high yields and a shorter processing time.

Broadley-James Ltd is the exclusive distributor of WaterSep Hollow Fiber membrane products in the UK and Ireland.

WaterSep’s comprehensive product line

Single use Green LineWaterSep Single use Green Line

  • Gamma irradiated – ready to use
  • No humectants – no pre-rinse
  • Self contained with no installation or expensive hardware
  • Consistent membrane performance batch-to-batch
  • Individual cartridges or complete assemblies
  • Competitive cost – 4-6 x less than cassette systems
  • Available for Lab-Pilot-Process

Autoclavable Steamer Line for perfusion applicationsWaterSep Autoclavable Steamer Line

  • Designed for perfusion and aseptic applications
  • Gamma irradiated and repetitively autoclavable
  • No humectants – Ready to use
  • Single use or re-use
  • Cleanable with 1 M NaOH
  • Reliable performance and batch-to-batch membrane consistency

The ReUse LineWaterSep ReUse Line

  • High product flux and total capacity
  • Low binding m-PES membrane
  • Easy to clean
  • Self contained
  • No assembly – no hardware
  • Consistent product batch-to-batch
  • Easy and reliable scale up


All products are available with 3 different lengths; 12″, 24″ and 41″. They are also available in 8 cartridge sizes with 13 membrane cut-offs and 3 fiber IDs.

Both the Green Line and the Steamer Line use a glycerin free, low ex-tractable membrane that is ready to use and therefore does not require a pre-flush.

The ReUse Line can simply be cleaned then stored and used repeatedly.

The product line range allows WaterSep to offer complete flexibility and can be tailored to fit with your specific process.

Lower costs

Hollow fiber products from WaterSep will decrease your filtration costs. From as much as 4-6 times at pilot and other small production scale and much more at a larger scale.

Due to the cost savings, WaterSep’s Green Line HF cartridges are ideal for process specific single use cross flow assemblies, which utilise pumps, sensors, flowmeters and bags for pilot and process applications.