PendoTECH – Single Use Pressure, UV, & Conductivity Sensors

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Founded in 2005, PendoTECH is committed to providing value-added products and services for enhanced production of mainly cell culture and fermentation derived products to companies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Single-Use Sensors and MonitorsPressureMAT

  • Single Use Pressure Sensors
  • Single Use Conductivity sensors
  • PressureMAT™ Sensor Monitor
  • Temperature Sensors & Monitors
  • UV Absorbance Sensor & Monitor
  • PendoTECH DAQ: Multiple Sensor Data Acquisition.



Distribution in Europe

Control SystemsTFF cart

  • Filter Screening System
  • Cross Flow Filtration TFF System
  • Virus Depth Filter System
  • Bioreactor Pressure Control System
  • Bioreactor Process Control
  • PendoKIT™ Custom Control Systems

Cross Flow Filtration TMP Automated Control