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Flownamics® provides custom products/services to accommodate the special sample handling needs of individual engineers, scientists and for fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry.

Flownamics Acquire Automated Sampling SystemFlownamics Acquire 4 channel

The Acquire has been developed by Flownamics to be able to handle automated sampling that only require fraction collection.

The Flownamics Acquire is a compact and economical automated sampler that can send both cell free or cell containing samples from up to 8 reactors/process streams to various sized well plates and vials. It can be used in cell-culture, fermentation and purification applications.

Flownamics SegFlow Automated Sampling Systems

The SEG-FLOW® automated sampling system allows you to interface almost any analyzer or collector to 8 fermentation vessels or

bioreactors. SEG-FLOW® can control analyzers or other equipment through RS-232, TCP/IP or analog signal. The SEG-FLOW® can withdraw sterile cell free or cell containing samples. The sampling system can then control feed to the vessels based on set target concentrations in the Flow-Web® software. An analyzer sends back the measured result to the SEG-FLOW® through an RS-232 or analogue signal, this result is then posted in the software. The system then controls a feed pump or sends a signal to an existing feed system based on the measured result and target concentration.

There are multiple outputs for each vessel.

  • Samples from 1 to 8 vessels (streams) at a time
  • Logs data information on each vessel or stream
  • Withdraws a cell-free and/or cell containing sample
  • Controls feed pumps or sends signals to existing feed systems

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FISP Sterile In-Situ Sampling System for Fermentation and Cell Culture

FISP®, is a sampling probe capable of withdrawing sterile, cell-free samples from fermentors and bioreactors. FISP® allows direct

FISP Sampling Probe
Flownamics FISP Probe

on-line sample transfer to a variety of analyzers, such as biochemistry and HPLC systems, as well as collection for off-line analysis. FISP® is a small, tube-shaped, sterilizable 316 stainless steel carrier which is surrounded by a tubular, micro-porous membrane. They are available for 12, 19 and 25 mm ports; for use in laboratory, pilot or industrial scale vessels.
FISP® is widely utilized in the fermentation and cell culture fields since it’s introduction to the market in 1996.

  • Sterile, cell-free sampling
  • Off-line and on-line analysis
  • Autoclavable or sterilized in-place
  • Risk free sampling
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Proven technology