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BIOne Single-Use Bioreactor for Cell Culture Applications

Convert your existing benchtop glass bioreactor to a single-use bioreactor in seconds!

The BIOne single-use bioreactor exemplifies the bioprocessing industry’s growing preference for single-use technologies, as it eliminates the need for assembly, cleaning, or sterilization, resulting in an efficient and hassle-free solution for bioprocessing applications. Assembled in Distek’s advanced ISO-7 cleanroom, the BIOne SUB is then gamma-sterilized, significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

The BIOne’s flexibility and compatibility with a range of bioprocess controllers make it an ideal choice for researchers, scientists, and bioprocess engineers seeking a reliable and efficient system for their experiments or production processes. Whether working on complex cell culture models or developing new gene therapies, the BIOne single-use bioreactor provides an easy-to-use and versatile platform for bioprocessing applications. Now available in 2L, 5L and 10L working volumes.

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Distek Dissolution Equipment

Distek also produce a range of dissolution equipment which are specifically engineered to accurately and reliably measure the rate of drug release. Dissolution of tablets and capsules is essential for effective administration of therapeutic treatments and so discerning the dissolution rate of the tablet or capsule is vital. Distek’s dissolution equipment is distributed in the UK by Omicron. Visit their website for more information.

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