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BlueSens are experts that specialise in off-gas analysis for all fermentation processes.

They offer reliable and precise off-gas analysers that are made in Germany using only the most high-quality components. BlueSens offers single gas analysers for CO2, O2, H2, CH4, (BCP-series) as well as combined units (BlueInOne & BlueVary) for gas combinations CO2/O2, CH4/CO2 & CO2/H2.

  • Analyzers provide PAT-conforming online measurements in real-time.
  • All sensors deliver continuous off-gas data.
  • Sampling is no longer required.
  • BlueSens analysers can operate in fully saturated gas streams and require no pre-treatment of the gas stream.
  • No minimum or maximum flow rates necessary.
  • Digital and analogue data communication as standard with all sensors and requiring no additional hardware.
  • Offering a variety of connections, BlueSens sensors can be operated with fermenters from all manufacturers with vessel volumes from shake flask up to manufacturing scale systems.
  • BlueSens off-gas analysers are in use with cell culture and microbial fermentations and suitable for use single use bioreactors (SUB) & fermenters (SUF).

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