This free to attend event is to be held at NIBRT Dublin on 1st October 2019. A range of manufacturers will be giving presentations on their diverse range of products in the field of Bioprocessing. Come and hear presentations on the latest technology available in a series of talks at an event which will allow you to network and discuss your current needs.

The day will be split into Upstream (morning) and Downstream (afternoon). Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Whether you wish to attend the whole day or just in part it is up to you. We would be pleased to see you. The event has a limited number of delegates so please respond ASAP so we can register you.


Broadley James LogoTime: 9.00-9.30am

Speaker: Broadley-James Corporation

Title: Smart Sensors today, applications in smartified single-use, and realizing Pharma 4.0 initiatives.


Today’s Intelligent Smart Sensors deliver on the promise of less down-time, easier setup, and more reliable operation. As the BioPharm industry evolves in single-use and continuous biomanufacturing processes the demands on smart sensor capabilities continually increase, all while the need for fixed and validateable performance remain. As a sensor manufacturer how can we align our solutions with long-term client global initiatives, protect client investments in smart sensor infrastructure, and reduce the complexity of product selection? In this discussion we’ll demonstrate several ground-breaking innovations that are immediately available, and how they satisfy many of these industry challenges.

Distek BIOne logoTime: 9.30-10.00am

Speaker: Distek

Title: The Distek BIOne SUB: A Robust Model for Bioprocess Development


Distek, Inc. has developed a benchtop scale single-use bioreactor (SUB) for mammalian cell growth, cell therapy, insect cells, and other unique applications performed in a stirred tank bioreactor. The patented design utilizes a disposable headplate welded to a triple-layered liner that can convert your existing autoclavable bioreactor to a gamma irradiated SUB within a matter of seconds. Upon media addition, the liner expands and molds to the glass vessel, preserving the geometry of the existing bioreactor.  The BIOne SUB’s liner material emulates the large scale SUBs used in pilot and commercial Biopharm production facilities around the world, allowing scientists to streamline tech transfer and de-risk a process before investing in clinical manufacturing.  In this talk, we will focus on how the BIOne SUB can be used in a variety of different processes to meet evolving industry requirements.

Biostream logoTime: 10.30-11.00am

Speaker: Biostream International

Title: Parallel fermentation and cell culture for small scale 150 ml liter vessels to 15 liter vessels with a possibility of 32 units in a network for R&D and PD departments. With the results gained from the cultivations you can use protocols for larger scale vessels up to 3.000 liter.


Biostream International BV is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactors for food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture. Biostream International offer flexible software for research that can be limited under user groups and password levels for use in production. With GMP and CHR 21 part 11 we can use the software in the whole range. Connection to third party software suppliers is possible and it depends on the demands for each project. In the biobased field we are producing equipment for pre-treatment hydrolysis in combination with fermentation. With the focus on service and R&D we develop custom solutions which are not currently available. New developments in fermentation for water technology is a developing market and we are exploring novel innovations in this field. Together with our partners we are bringing new ideas into bioprocessing equipment.

Time: 11:00 – 11:30am

Tea Break

Flownamics LogoTime: 11.30- 12.00pm

Speaker: Flownamics

Title: “Using Automation to Optimize Your Process with Limited Resources”


For many companies, large and small, one of the biggest challenges is resources.  Many timelines are built with an imperfect view of time and people available.  This makes hitting those timelines difficult and additional resources really hard to come by.  Optimizing your current resources and fully utilizing automation in your process means a company can do more and still save both time and money.  This case study will show how automation can help get the job done when a company has limited resources.

Equflow Sensors LogoTime: 12:00-12.30pm

Partner: Equflow

Title: Flow meters. Single use and re-usable


Equflow BV produces high quality non disposable and single use flow sensors and flow measurement equipment for bioprocessing and pharma applications. The turbine flow meters utilise a patented infra red reflection measurement technique and have flow sensing capabilities in a wide range of applications, which are suitable for clear, opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids.

Time: 12:30-1.00pm

Supplier: RTD Technology Ltd., T/A Asistec

Title: Cryogenic storage – Integrated solutions + Thermoregulation / applications.


Asistec offers Scientific solutions for Cell storage and growth.
Cryogenic Facilities. Recent years has seen the development of large Cryogenic facility’s within Pharma / Biotech which bring hidden and silent dangers. Asistec provides integrated safe solutions to the cryogenic markets.
Modular Huber Thermoregulation solutions offer precision temperature control from -125degC to +425degC in your laboratory and production processes with many integration options and bespoke built units for your varied applications.

Time: -1.00-2.00pm


Time: 2.00-2.30pm

Speaker: Prometic Bioseparations

Title: “Purification solutions to support Next-generation Therapies.”


“A brief overview of Prometic Bioseparations technology stack which delivers custom synthetic affinity ligands, Multi-Mode Ligand Libraries, Large scale adsorbent manufacturing expertise, and a range of GMP-ready disposable columns.”

Affinity chromatography based on synthetic ligands. GMP-ready single-use Chromatography columns.

Time: 2.30-3.00pm

Speaker: HP-NE

Title: Due Diligence in vendor and component selection!


Custom made sterile assemblies –

HPConnexx is the HPNE cGMP compliant, ISO Certified, custom, single-use assembly service to fit your needs.  The service includes design, optimization and construction in HPNE’s own ISO Class 7 cleanroom of any single use tube set made up from commercially available components.

We will work with you to design and optimize an assembly with any components that you specify.

Pendo Tech LogoTime: 3.00-3.30pm

Speaker: PendoTECH

Title: PendoTECH Process Control & Data Acquisition System


Scalable, Seamless Transition from Screening to Process Development to Pilot System

Watersep logoTime: 3.30-4.00pm

Speaker: Watersep

Title: Hollow Fibre Filters


WaterSep are developers of a group of anti-fouling, low binding modified polyethersulfone membranes, with high process flux and product yields.

They have a unique combination of membrane chemistry and cutting edge spinning technology which guarantees strong, robust hollow fibre membrane products created to extremely tight specifications.

WaterSep’s hollow fiber membranes allow you to have consistent process performance, producing high yields and a shorter processing time.

Time: 4.00pm

Network. Partner demonstrations.