Keofitt is a World leader in sterile aseptic sampling.  A Danish company established in 1980 by master brewer Kai Ottung. Kai Ottung worked as master brewer around the world and assisted many breweries in developing their sampling techniques.

In the process he also developed a unique product range for sterile sampling for the biotech, the soft drink and the food industries as well as for breweries.

Broadley James stock and distribute Keofitt Sample Valves in the UK and Ireland.

Valve_Exploded“I” sampling valve

The “I” sampling valve is designed for aseptic sampling of medium viscosity products, with particles up to 1.2mm in diameter.

The valve is used in SIP bioreactors and fermenters with a standard DN25 mm Ingold port and can be used for sampling a wide range of products.

Sample BagSingle Use Aseptic Sampling Bag

The Single Use Bag allows an aseptic sample to be taken from a system when used with a Keofitt sampling valve.

To operate snap the fitting onto the sample valve and lock. Steam sterilise and remove the safety seal. Turn the valve into the sample taking position. Open the sampling valve and fill the bag. Seal the sample bag, unlock the fitting and release sample.